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No matter which lense you look through, Alan Yap fills your frame with much creativity, excitement and emotion.

Having climbed the ranks from his first foray into broadcast and film in the production department, Alan developed a keen interest and sharp eye for the technical aspects of film-making. His experience as a junior lighting grip paved the way for his journey to becoming an award-winning Director of Photography.

Alan has been heavily involved in regional and international works in recent years, especially in Asia. The amalgamation of these experiences further develops and hones his eye and craft.

While awards are a welcome bonus, it is the drive and passion for excellence that sees Alan remain sought-after in a dynamic industry landscape. Humility, patience and a never-stop-learning attitude makes him a personable and great team player.

Enjoy the reel and see the magic through this lense!


mobile: + 65 9795 6045

wechat: alanyap1976